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The lost art of longform

There’s a slowly building change in web design when it comes to longform copy. What do I mean when I say ‘longform’? Basically, this means an article that uses significantly more text than your usual web page – so for instance, a report, narrative story, detailed cased study or guide. But it’s not just about amount… more

Not again

A while ago I blogged about an online service called ‘Catch notes’ – a really useful (and free) note taking app that synced with the cloud, enabled sharing and collaboration and had a really cool user interface. It rather abruptly went from ‘next big thing’ to ‘closed forever’ in the space of a few weeks. Well,… more


The XPocalypse

It still works ok, but Microsoft has ceased to support it and will not release new updates, fixes or security patches. The “XPocolypse” (as it’s been dubbed) marks the end for the ancient (by computer standards at least) system. However, with support for Internet Explorer 8 also coming to an end, this could mean that those… more


On March 15th I was invited to the 2014 Cyber Security Challenge UK Awards Ceremony at the Institute of Directors. I’ve been working with the Cyber Security Challenge over the last couple of months to create a completely new website for them, see here (due to launch soon). The organisation was set up to encourage… more

Feeling foolish

It’s April 1st and naturally a host of spurious news articles have popped up around the world – from Google’s ‘magic hand’ to a proposed redesign of the Union Jack (without the Scottish bit!). Did you see any others that beat these? more


Fridges of spam

The long talked about ‘internet of things’ could finally start to become a reality this year with more connected devices coming onto the market than ever before. We’re now used to our phones and computers being permanently connected to the rest of the world and even our ‘smart’ TVs are joining the party too. There’s… more