our approach

We are a central London based design consultancy, specialising in branding and getting to the point since 1991. As an award winning UK top 100 design agency we enjoy great relationships with clients ranging from dynamic funded start-ups to FTSE 100 companies.

Our ethos, as our name implies, is all about clear, concise communication. We believe this has real value in today’s business environment, where engagement and understanding are critical. By embracing clarity and avoiding jargon, we help clients express their points of difference enabling them to stand out from the competition.

We deliver consistency and clearly communicate across all brand touchpoints, from print and digital to workspace environments. We balance creativity with functionality, ease of use and cost effectiveness.

We would meet with the core team to ensure an approach that fits with the overall requirements of the work-stream but prior to this we would aim to achieve success through the following process:



Where are you now?

More than a written brief and current materials.

Through meetings, research and contact with the key stakeholders, we will gain a deeper understanding of your business, from company background to vision and aspirations.

Can require workshops and interviews as well as competitor and customer research.


The brief

Where should you be?

Your vision and our design thinking are at the heart of our approach.

Based on our evaluation we will challenge any preconceived ideas and develop the brand strategy, ensuring it is achievable and sustainable.

This strategy will be agreed in partnership with you and forms the basis of the brief and the goals that we will set to bring your vision to life.



How far will you go?

We believe in pushing the boundaries but know that our concepts are for you and your audience not our portfolio.

We recommend developing ideas across three levels: safe, step change and cutting edge.

All approaches will be creative and appropriate but aim to differentiate your business from the competition.



What do you need?

Following development and agreement of a creative solution we will plan, agree and develop the deliverables.

We will also advise on other brand touchpoints that may be outside the current remit but of benefit.

This could be designs in the workplace environment to promote staff buy-in, to a generic video.



Who is in control?

Evolving clear but flexible guidelines and templates will ensure a freshness is retained but consistent brand execution will still need to be controlled.

Keeping your guidelines simple will ensure they can be managed and are used, both internally and externally.

Your brand should engage, inform and inspire but also be organic to adapt to changing circumstances and sectors.

We remain on hand after deliver to monitor, consult, advise and evolve the brand guidelines as required.