A challenging brief from the Lloyd’s Register Foundation

Over the last few months we’ve had the privilege of working with the Lloyd’s Register Foundation on developing a campaign brand to raise awareness of the global health and safety challenges they are focused on addressing.

The campaign brand involved developing simple icons for their 7 core challenges and a visual language for the foundation’s strategy and its messaging that would work with, but stand out from, its more corporate Group communications.

The strategy was the starting point for communicating these challenges, and an engaging and stand-out piece of literature was required to help convey the vision and key messages. The final printed brochure, along with other support materials, were designed and produced for launch at their international conference in October.

The Lloyd’s Register Foundation’s International Conference is one of the world’s most prestigious thought leadership summits on safety and risk, bringing together some of the most exciting thinkers, business leaders, innovators, and policymakers to debate the best ways to make the world a safer place.

The conference was hosted by broadcaster Quentin Cooper, and focused on the biggest safety challenges that society faces, such as the safety of emerging technology, digital systems, infrastructure, food, life at sea, and safety for a sustainable future. It was also the platform for discussions on how to make the world safer through a better understanding of human behaviour and the public perception of risk.

The tothepoint team were able to translate and visualise this complex set of challenges into an impactful and engaging campaign brand, with visual assets that were implemented across print, digital and the event space. We are continuing to work with the foundation to bring the campaign brand to life across all their materials. This includes in-house produced collateral. We have set up word and Powerpoint templates and are currently working on guidelines for the campaign.

To introduce their strategy and the challenges in the reception areas of the event and for their website, we designed and produced an animated video:

We also worked with filmmaker James Harrison ( ) on combining our animations and branding with his video and stills of the global issues surrounding health and safety.

This introductory film was used to launch the conference:

This collaboration with James and the Lloyd’s Register Foundation will continue in developing a series of challenge case studies, combining our animations and infographics with the great footage that James will be shooting around the world.

Shown here are some images of the other collateral we have produced. In conjunction with the tactile printed Strategy brochure, that is also available in digital form on Issuu, we also produced the event programme, merchandise, signage and display materials used at the event held at No 8 Northumberland Avenue.

Simon Hutton, MD at tothepoint said: Having now been in business as tothepoint for over 28 years, it has been a privilege and a really exciting time to work with two companies, Lloyd’s Register Foundation and John Whitgift Foundation, that both have the corporate structures in place to make money but also have the long term vision and commitment to give back to communities, one globally and one locally. Through the work and funding they both provide, and the communications we deliver, they will hopefully inspire other corporations to look at more ways of making a difference to peoples lives.

Background to the Lloyd’s Register Foundation

The Lloyd’s Register Foundation was established in 2012 as an independent global charity that helps to protect life and property at sea, on land, and in the air. It does this through supporting education, research, public engagement, and promoting scientific excellence.

The foundation’s vision is to be a leading supporter of engineering-related research, training and education that makes a real difference in improving the safety of the critical infrastructure on which modern society relies. Its income is generated from the profits from its trading arm, Lloyd’s Register Group Ltd, and its other investments. The foundation meets these aims by awarding grants, acting directly and working closely with the Group which shares its mission.

Find out more on the Lloyds Register Foundation website