A.I. for services report 2022

Looking to the future, Innovate UK KTN and London Economics came to us to help tell the story of innovation in A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) and how it’s already shaping multiple sectors of the economy and our lives in 2022. We produced a slick A4 report in record time for an impending conference in Birmingham.

A refreshed look and feel to the report was critical for reflecting the future-focused topics at hand, and here at tothepoint we pride ourselves on clearly communicating complex and detailed topics to audiences. Multiple concepts for front covers and page designs looked at different angles of KTN’s existing brand, and elements that are evolving to bring it closer to the UKRI brand. By retaining the impact of their powerful green colour, and with the use of visually interesting linear art, we were able to create a visual language to help tell the story of the report.

A sense of space, clear typography, and a suite of infographic designs were the results of a close collaboration with the client. Understanding their point of view, their brand challenges, and what they wanted the varied audience to gain from the report, were all part of the process towards achieving the final design of the report.

Photography also played a key role in subtly bringing a real-life context to the work of the science and innovation field KTN is a part of with UKRI (UK Research and Innovation). Over 38 pages of content needed to be balanced with key visuals to engage the viewers and bring a sense of pace and balance to the detailed facts and figures in the report.

The report was originally to be an interactive digital document, linking to the multiple references that were used in its creation by  London Economics. But with the deadline approaching fast for the upcoming conference in Birmingham, a print version was also requested. Using our years of experience in the print field, and our trusted indigo print supplier, overnight, we were able to turn out a wonderfully vibrant print version for the clients to present and share in person at the conference.

To the point delivered a beautiful report that really enhances the content, and all of that on a very demanding schedule.

Moritz Godel – London Economics

Find out more and read the report here