A new look for the Houston website

We were recently approached by PR Communications agency Houston to help design and create a new website for them in record time, following their recent re-branding exercise.

Introduced to Houston by our account manager Kira (who worked with them before she joined us at tothepoint) we were shown their new brand direction including new logo and name change (from Houston PR to simply Houston). With various industry events looming, time was of the essence.

The new Houston logo features a 2-tone colour split across the curve of a circle. This was then echoed in the ‘hero’ slideshow and key lead image across other web pages.

Houston had decided to use Josefin Sans as their typeface. The chunky nature of this works well across the website, with key typographic elements underpinned by circles in various Houston colours. Animating these circles with subtle movement helps to bring a little bit of life to a punchy but simple layout.

One of our faster website turn-arounds, we designed and built the website from initial brief to going live in just under 2 weeks. We managed this with the aid of a simple ‘starter’ theme and the addition of the ‘Elementor’ content structure plug-in.

With a little ‘bespoke’ customisation on top, this speedy start to the website build enabled us to concentrate on the more creative elements; working with the client on their content structure and bringing a simple snappy brand to life on screen.

We also wanted to help guide Houston through all the options that come with an ‘off the shelf’ content builder plug-in. So we provided them with some initial training, an extensive pdf manual to follow and a library of pre-built content templates that we had constructed.

Providing this ‘content tool-kit’ means that as prolific bloggers, Houston should be able to quickly create varied and interesting layouts when posting their monthly insight pieces.

We wanted to work with an agile, creative agency, that were experts in what they do and able to deliver on time and on budget. We got all of this in tothepoint, but we also got to work with a group of talented and fun people, that made the process slick and easy, Zoe Howorth – Chairwoman

When our clients are happy, then we’re happy! …and we look forward to seeing where Houston are headed with their new look.