A New Newsroom

We’ve worked with News UK family for a few years now, starting with the Newsprinters branding and quirky interior graphics, our personal favourite is the “never-ending” corridor, (any “sticklers for false advertising” out there should know it does actually end, but only after a whopping 200m!). To the branding and interiors for their new logistics division, News Logistics, right up to the interiors for the Technology and Operations teams on the 6th floor of the head offices in The Place (right next door to The Shard).

The Place

And this time we’ve been helping the News Logistics team on the Technology and Operations floor, as we were set the challenge of combining the News Logistics branding with the style set for the 6th floor, which uses lines and pixels to communicate the idea of individual teams that connect to form the bigger picture.

The end result effectively gives the News Logistics team their own personality without deviating from the floors style. We also used a product called Wall-a-Peel to make sure the vinyl can be removed easily if they ever need to be updated.

6th floor meeting room

The team at News Logistics loves the final result, which of course makes us very happy indeed!