A Point In Time

Time has been playing on our mind recently, not in an existential crisis way, but because we’ve been working with CBRE, the world’s leading real estate services company, on a series of clocks that will help bring their One Team behaviours to the fore.


The project started with a series of focus groups comprising representatives across their UK business, to explore their five One Team behaviours, what they mean to them and what the solution needed to communicate.


From the focus groups it was clear that client service, collaboration and face-to-face interactions were key to all of the rules, which focused our thinking towards concepts that could be used within the shared spaces, especially meeting rooms.


Our solution was to create 40 bespoke clocks, which have features that highlight some of the One Team behaviours. For instance the markers between 11 o’clock and 12 o’clock are emphasised in CBRE green as a reminder to finish or leave five minutes early to ensure you’re on time for the next meeting. Branding is kept subtle across all of the designs, with the CBRE green used as an accent colour.


The clocks are now hung in meeting rooms and break out areas across CBRE’s UK offices.

It was a project with a solution that required experience and knowledge outside our usual work but we were unfazed and ready to jump out of the printed brochure.