A trained eye

A brand should evolve as the requirements of existing customers change, or new customers are sought. But it’s a common misconception that this will mean a time consuming and drastic change to a brand.

This month the CIPR (Chartered Institute of Public Relations) looked to us to help them refresh their Training division brand look. As a widely recognised style (who could miss that pink!), and part of a suite of divisions all with a similar look, the design needed more of an evolution than a revolution.


Using the icons more subtly, and with a stronger emphasis on people, gives the division a fresher look without straying too far from the pack. The first piece to flaunt its new style is the Training Brochure, with a series of ads to follow.Whilst working on the new Training style we also took the opportunity to tweak and refresh the CIPR logo.

Your market is constantly evolving, so like CIPR, it’s important to evaluate how your marketing materials are performing. Is your brand effective in today’s virtual world, and more importantly is your acronym a mystery to new (and existing!) customers?


In the words of Darwin (we can use Darwinism in branding, right?) it’s not always the biggest who survive, but the most adaptable to change. The brands that are innovative, flexible and embrace change not only survive but also thrive.