ABPI’s fight against climate change at COP26

With the world focused on Glasgow for the COP26 climate change conference, we’ve been proud to work with our client ABPI on a series of awareness campaigns on climate-focused achievements in the science sector. Engaging and simple messages have the power to cut through the noise of message saturation, and it’s been a privilege to work on such a relevant and forward-thinking project.

We worked with the great team at ABPI to deliver core concepts to encapsulate the four themes they would talk about at COP26. These were saving water, cutting carbon emissions, cutting waste, and sustainability by design. Once these simple images were approved we then created animations to bring them to life on their social media posts on Twitter and LinkedIn. The themes and colours had to be more generic than our usual work for ABPI as they had to sit with the brands of their partners and pharmaceutical companies that also wanted to use the templates to promote their activities and objectives.

Once the theme templates had been completed we were then tasked to provide multiple ideas for various statistics and COP26 commitments as the next-level social media communications. These were all quickfire and fed through and used as COP26 progressed.  A fundamental part of tackling climate change is how we communicate about it. How we inspire action, inform the public and fellow communities, and really send a positive message that audiences can relate to. ABPI works with some of the most important and largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, and so communicating the positive and pro-active work they do was a critical goal to achieve at COP26 and the social media campaign formed a key part of this objective.

Creating consistent, clear communications that were adaptable across social media channels, we had the opportunity to showcase eye-catching animations and colour-coordinated designs for ABPI and their partners, creating on-brand messaging whilst giving a fresh and unique identity to each interesting infographic message and COP theme.

Kirsty Gelsthorpe, Media and Communications Manager said: Pharmaceutical companies are firmly committed to the environmental agenda, and the content tothepoint has delivered for us will help us tell that story across not only our social media channels but those of the global pharmaceutical industry as well.