ABPI Clinical Trials Report – lessons from COVID-19


Science has had a renewed spotlight on it over the past year in helping the world bounce back from a global pandemic. And here at tothepoint we’ve had the great opportunity to work with ABPI, the leading industry body representing research-based pharmaceutical companies across the UK, in creating their brand new 2021 Clinical Trials report. It has received acclaim across many media channels

Adopting innovative research design and delivery approaches, as seen during the COVID-19 pandemic, fixing bottlenecks in the system, and embedding a culture of research across the health service, will not only benefit the NHS and its patients, but significantly contribute to the Government’s ambition to level up the country and address health inequalities. said the authors
Breaking down data and detailed scientific studies, we helped transform them into easily understandable stories told through fresh branding visuals, colours, and eye-catching page layouts that really showcase the exciting and important scientific work that ABPI facilitates.

Delving into everything from highlighting incredible scientific achievements, detailing global studies to help understand new breakthroughs in medicine, and telling stories of how the scientific community does incredibly important work day in, day out, was a real privilege for us to be a part of in designing this report for ABPI.


We were pleased to work with tothepoint on this key report. It got excellent national and trade media pick-up, and the clear layout and eye-catching visuals of the report played a part in that. We look forward to working with tothepoint on future projects. Kirsty Gelsthorpe, communications manager at ABPI
You can view the report on ABPI’s website here