Advance Charity: Annual Report – helping the vulnerable, especially now

Advance is a charity that supports women and children who suffer domestic abuse at home or women who have been in contact with the criminal justice system, so they can lead safe, violence and crime-free lives. Advance provides emotional and practical support to survivors, as well as liaising with support networks such as social services, legal teams, and the emergency services on their behalf.

In the current troubling climate, with the country in lockdown, people across the UK find themselves in enclosed spaces being abused with nowhere to turn for help. Organisations like the Advance are needed more than ever, working hard to find a way to continue supporting people in a very difficult situation.

We were approached by Christine Losecaat MBE (Chair) of Advance to redesign their Annual Report so that the charity’s impact resonates more with its various audiences and stakeholders. There was a real desire to make the design more contemporary whilst not losing its human focus, highlighting their impact and importance through statistics / facts and telling the women’s stories. Their goal is to support women and children to be safe from abuse and take control of their lives and divert women away from being involved in offending at the earliest opportunity, preventing family breakdown.

We decided to take elements of the brand mark and utilise this through the creation of a new distinctive look and feel for the charity. The logo is constructed from a woman’s face against the backdrop of a bird representing freedom and moving forward. This combination creates a series of flowing interlacing shapes which when separated and enlarged provide real drama. The shapes themselves can then be used to hold information or imagery and act as a constant reassuring reminder that the charity is always present in the background.

From a communication perspective, the emphasis was given to their five strategies, and how this aligned with their core values, through its own dedicated spread. This could then be used as a snapshot communication tool for both staff and external audiences, providing clarity about their vision and purpose over this period.

It was important that the photography was representative of the subject matter without showing actual survivors, to ensure their privacy and protection. The imagery, whilst serious, also needed to convey women who had hope.

Another consideration was to highlight their expanded Minerva service activities and specifically the opening of their new Women’s Centre in North East London. The centre is a women-only space for women and girls affected by Domestic Abuse and those involved in the Criminal Justice System. To mark the occasion of the opening, a poetry event was held at the centre, where poems by women supported by Advance’s Minerva service were performed and exhibited, which the charity was keen to promote in the publication.

The document has been successfully received and Chief Executive, Niki Scordi, had this to say:

“The printed annual report looks really strong – we are very happy with the outcome. Thank you so much for doing this with us! This will be key in helping us strengthen our message about the work we do.”
Chief Executive, Niki Scordi

Following on from the Annual Report, we are also in the process of designing and building a new website for Advance Charity. We hope to have the website complete and live soon to help Advance tell their story to those online who are searching for someone to help them.

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To support Advance so that they can help more women and children during this crisis and beyond, you can text ADVANCE 5/10/25/50 to 70085 to donate £5/£10/£25/£50.