Apteriors’ website refresh for a modern touch

We have recently helped Apteriors, known for their skill in crafting outstanding interior spaces with their FFE (Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment) and Fit Out services, polish their branding and online presence with an exciting new website.

Apteriors portfolio largely consists of public sector projects and big-scale ventures, which fits right in with their mission to deliver cost-effective, top-notch fit outs. We helped spread this dedication and delivery of smart, purposeful design to their new dynamic website.

We worked closely with Apteriors’ directors, Andrea Podesta and Catherine Mackay, to initially develop the logo, and branding and then to develop this to help give their website a totally new design and build digital makeover. We made sure to maintain their unique approach throughout the process. Just as they combine style and function to enhance spaces, we infused the same spirit into the logo, the brands visual language and their website.

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Once the logo and brand had been approved, our goal for the website was to create a user-friendly design that mirrors the inviting feel of the spaces they enhance, ensuring their online presence is equally welcoming.


The layout of the new website is a blend of form and function. Drawing inspiration from the “Form follows function” principle that guides their interior design, we crafted a digital experience that not only looks appealing but also seamlessly serves its purpose.

Navigational pathways are designed to intuitively guide visitors through Apteriors’ diverse offerings. Just as Apteriors tailors their interior solutions, the website layout adapts to showcase various sectors they cater to – from education to defense. It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about creating an experience that resonates with users’ needs and preferences.

Thoughtful integration of visual elements invites users to immerse themselves in the world of Apteriors’ projects. Each click is an opportunity to delve deeper into their design philosophy and explore the ways in which they elevate spaces. The layout’s responsiveness ensures a seamless transition from desktop to mobile, ensuring that users can engage with Apteriors’ expertise from any device.

Typography and colour palettes are precisely chosen to convey Apteriors’ dedication to lasting impact and simplicity. The user interface is more than a design; it’s an intuitive storyteller that unveils Apteriors’ journey, values, and approach.

As designers, our mission is to encapsulate Apteriors’ legacy of functionality, quality, and innovative design within the digital confines. It’s not just about creating a beautiful layout; it’s about crafting a virtual experience that echoes the depth of Apteriors’ real-world creations. Through the new website layout, we’re poised to mirror Apteriors’ spirit and passion for enhancing spaces while adapting to the digital realm.

Catherine Mackay, Director at Apteriors had this to say:

tothepoint helped Apteriors to update our website with a fresh design, but also ensuring that we could bring over our previous website’s existing information. Working with the TTP team was such a pleasure. Firstly they are all very friendly and accessible, and happy to answer any of my questions. The team were always on hand at very short notice to talk me through any struggles I was having uploading our data to the new website.The new website design is great and exactly what we were looking for – the perfect blend between creative and sophisticated. The tothepoint team deliver information and tasks which are clear and concise via Google Sheets so that we are all on track as a project team with progress and actions. Overall very happy with the experience and would recommend tothepoint for website design. Catherine Mackay, Director at Apteriors
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