Autumnal announcements


Our technology and digital based clients are asking more and more for tactile and hand crafted solutions to their internal and external communications. Looking at screens all day as part of our job, and with staff and clients who do the same, we know how they feel.

Going back to traditional and craft techniques we are constantly looking at new ways to use these inspiring methods to create dramatic experiences and environments. So we are very interested to see The Craft Council are running a two-day event ‘Make:Shift:Do’ of workshops and presentations to give a hands-on experience of using digital technologies, incorporating ‘craft in the digital age’.

You can check out the events, dates and venues here.


Let’s press on

With 2015 creeping up on us (FYI it’s 50 days until Christmas, that’s right we said the C word!), we thought it was best to start planning next year’s calendar. This month we headed to explore Letterpress extraordinaire Mr Smith’s print emporium.This traditional craft has become quite the hipster mark in recent years. However the soul we can give each piece is what drew us in (that and the great local opposite his studio!). Our brains are still whirring so watch this space, and check out Mr Smith’s work in the meantime.

Fairground Fun

We would all like a little more fun and games in the workplace, and for one of our clients we’ve just put this in lights! Their office is actually a converted cinema, so they were keen to see the spirit of yesteryears entertainment reflected in the items produced for their Games Room, the first of which is this retro fairground style sign. If you need us we’ll be over by the dodgems.

Creative Collaborations

This month The Francis Crick Institute held an event in celebration of the top 1000 most influential Londoners in science and innovation. With a star studded line up, including Microsoft rock star Bill Gates, the event celebrated the innovative work that the collaboration between science and art has been creating.

Just one look at Conrad Shawcross’s Paradigm sculpture proves the beautiful matrimony between science and creativity. Not to mention our design work on the hoardings that still circle this new landmark building or our work for Transport Systems Catapult’s IM Campaign and Growth Stories for the EPSRC…Ok that was a shameful plug but we love this work!


Refreshingly Similar

Bradgate MASTER Logo.eps copy

Building logos for brands is what we do best, but recently as well as creating we’ve been updating, tweaking and refreshing our clients’ existing logos.

Part of Samworth Brothers, Bradgate Bakery were looking for a logo refresh. By using clean typography, updating the colour palette and creating a simple vector image, the logo now references their heritage but with a more contemporary edge.


tothepoint Ticklers

The men here at tothepoint are sacrificing their designer stubble and growing a ‘tache in aid of Movember. Their fresh faces won’t last long with strict rules of no beards, no goatees and no fake moustaches for the entire month. They’re taking the grooming and styling very seriously, although the handlebar and the horseshoe might be a bit optimistic! We’ll be sure to post the results in next month’s enews, and check out twitter for regular ‘tache tweets.

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