Big moves for data

ST2 home page

This month Project Edison, the brainchild of the ST2 Group, has been unveiled and we have created a landing page to introduce them to the world. The group is lead by CEO Anne Stokes, also CEO of Streamwire and EvEnt, two of the UK leading IT Technology Companies.

ST2 aims to alleviate the main public concerns about data storage which have been identified as;

Theirs is a truly ground breaking approach to the datacentre world.

Offering very low cost fixed term pricing, in a Tier 4 environment, using unique security software harnessing best in class biometric scrambling techniques all through a company that is proud to be a UK registered and based business.

We persuaded our client to not rush into creating an identity for the press release as this is a long-term development project. Instead our landing page design hints at the direction the branding will take, the flexible technology and the fresh forward thinking of Project Edison. As the brand is evolving, we kept the working title Project Edison for those already in the know. This gives ST2 an online presence and keeps things flexible as the project progresses.

The holding page uses network animation and a strong green and blue colour theme which represents the sustainable, reliable and structured nature of the business.

Click here to see the holding page and read their press release. This is just the beginning of our relationship with the ST2 Group and Project Edison so keep your eyes peeled!