Branding for Lloyd’s Register Foundation Electric Cinema Film Festival Premiere

We were recently asked to create branded media to support Lloyd’s Register Foundation at their Electric Cinema Film Festival Premiere, creating large format graphics and an accompanying video, to be shown at the event. The evening highlighted Lloyd’s Register Foundation’s support and funding for the first two films to be completed. These have been directed by Dan McDougall, an award-winning Film Director, Writer and British Foreign Correspondent of the Year.

In May of this year, we will be branding the ‘Safer world conference’ at Old Billingsgate for Lloyd’s Register Foundation. As a run-up to this event, LRF has commissioned the first two in a series of films exploring the relationship between the ocean and people all around the world. These were recently shown at the sumptuous Electric Cinema, 191 Portobello Road, London W11 2ED. Worth a visit!

As part of LRF’s Safer Oceans campaign, the films tell unique and powerful stories to raise awareness and understanding of one of the world’s biggest safety challenges – keeping people safe at sea. The films raise an important question: Given the increasing demands we are placing on ocean space and the risk of working in ever more extreme environments, how can we better protect people from harm?

The first film will be officially launched at the Economist World Ocean Summit in March, and they will be distributed globally through several media platforms and also screened at film festivals in over 40 countries.

At the event, the films were introduced by the director, Dan McDougall, who clearly showed his passion for the media and his thanks to LRF for the freedom they gave him. Dan has reported overtly and covertly from over 126 countries, including some of the most hostile environments in the world, so was a great choice for this project.

Large format graphics and video on display at the event

We were asked to create large format graphics and an accompanying video, to be shown at the event, which highlights Lloyd’s Register Foundation’s support and funding for the films. It was also an opportunity to promote LRF’s ten-year anniversary logo which we created and which will also be promoted at the conference in May