Bringing snacks to life on the new McCoy’s website

We have recently continued our work for KP Snacks with an update to the McCoy’s website. Building on our rejuvenated homepage for McCoy’s, the rest of the website has had a face-lift, with brand new updated animated graphics, bringing the re-designed McCoy’s product range to life on the screen.

Our initial upgraded design of the McCoy’s landing page took inspiration from their advertising, floating their packs over a video background of burning embers. The various elements of the layout moving to give depth to the page as the reader scrolls further.

We continued this technique of bringing movement to the various key elements throughout the rest of the website, with a new dynamic looking ‘range’ section. Each range on the website uses supporting graphics from the packs, to re-enforce the new McCoy’s branding and artwork. Through a combination of using custom features and advanced layout techniques, we were able to create a website that was both dynamic and flexible but also easy to update with new content.

Promoting McCoy’s further with their ‘McCoy’s Story’ page sets the tone for more creative content to follow. And with a website that can be easily expanded upon, this will help to establish future campaigns as they roll out.

You can view the new website here