Check out summer in Croydon!

Summer has finally kicked in with a scorching weekend, and over the past few weeks we have been helping Croydon BID roll-out various updates to their brand and communications in preparation for all the summer events they have planned this year.

Beginning with a review of their online content strategy, we helped the team at Croydon BID rationalise their two websites: the and Originally designed by us to be separate entities for the very different target audiences, there was now a need to get the two sites working together and avoid unnecessary duplication.

As we were refreshing the Checkout Croydon brand, this was the ideal time to evolve the design of both the websites to bring their header and navigation styles in line with each other. And with the addition of cross-branded elements we were able to reinforce the Croydon brand and encourage more cross-linking between the two.

Working with Croydon BID’s new marketing manager, Natasha Gray, we also helped streamline the content on the BID website, with the aim of directing more traffic over to

To keep things consistent, we created two new styles of marketing email templates that work in conjunction with the websites, one directed at the levy payers involved with the BID,  the other encouraging people to visit croydon. The first of each of these dotmailer templates has now been used and have now gone out, successfully produced in-house by the marketing team at the BID.

As a further incentive to visit Croydon, and a further evolution of the new look we have developed for Checkout Croydon, we have re-branded the BID’s loyalty card scheme, calling it the ‘my check out card’. This is now being promoted all around Croydon with other related support marketing we have designed, all to help encourage visitors and shoppers to sign up for various offers and discounts.

Look out for the leaflets from the friendly BID ambassadors, who are also giving out free strawberries for the start of Wimbledon week – now showing on their huge screen as part of Street Live.

The loyalty initiative also includes a new social media icon, window stickers and loyalty card dispensers that will be in selected retailers in Croydon town centre. You can of course also go online to the colourful new site to register for your card here.

As well as having fun, the objective of all this activity, and other promotions including the all summer Street Live events, is to increase footfall in the area with a consistent and cohesive approach to the Croydon brand both online, in print and on the high street. There’s a lot of Creative stuff going on in Croydon…why not join in?

We wanted to refresh the look on and offline for Check Out Croydon to create more interest and provide new, engaging marketing material for our businesses. We’re really pleased with the results, which look fresh and colourful, as well as tie in with the previous rebranded material. We’re particularly pleased with the new headers, which make it easier to switch from one website to the other, emphasising the connection between these and, most importantly, driving more relevant traffic to the right places, allowing for a more user-friendly experience. Thanks for all your hard work at TTP!Natasha Gray, Marketing & Communications Manager