Click Around The Crick

You may remember our earlier work for the Francis Crick Institute for their exciting new biomedical research centre in Kings Cross. While the building is being prepared for its grand opening, we’re helping Crick employees old and new find their way around and settle in by creating the ‘Crick Lab Guide’ which is live on their intranet.

francis-crick-new-starters-imacWith a large amount of information to communicate, the guide needed to be as easy as possible for users to navigate. It’s good old clear, concise communication, something we know a little about over here. We needed to give the Crick an engaging interface for the existing pages to help smooth the migration from their old offices and laboratories from many different locations.


We started with a large search area on the landing page which suggests pages for the user, depending on the search term. Clean and simple navigation plus useful short links such as ‘Most Popular’ and ‘Relevant Links’ all help the user and if that wasn’t enough we’ve allowed each user to bookmark different pages to make finding those favourite pages even easier.


As always, form follows function, so whilst keeping a structured layout, each design choice reinforces the ease of navigation and use. The playful style of the logo translates onto the page by subtly using the shards to help break up and highlight key areas into colour coded sections.

As well as the ‘Crick Lab Guide’ our client needed an intuitive menu for the new employees. This menu acts as a visual guide to directly link these new starters to key areas of the intranet. Once the core navigation had been agreed, this was a simpler task allowing for a more creative approach using the layered shards to strongly divide the page and typography to highlight the essential information.


This is a fantastic building with exciting opportunities so we were happy to help make the transition a little smoother as part of our ongoing work with the Crick.