3DReid are a leading UK architectural practice with offices all over the world. We rebranded the company after the merger of Reid Architecture and 3D Architects, producing materials that helped manage the merger from both an internal and external perspective. We created comprehensive guidelines and design templates to ensure brand consistency, and have since designed and built a new website to showcase their portfolio.

We’ve worked with tothepoint on our branding initiatives for over a decade, which means they understand the culture of the practice implicitly. The design team, led by James, quickly assimilated our vision into a practical and workable solution that delivers exactly what we wanted on day one. A clean, timeless site that is easy to update and looks fresh. It shows off our work perfectly. They continue to be a joy to work with - we don’t view the tothepoint gang as an agency, but as mates who are great at what they do.

Graham Hickson-Smith, Head of Marketing & Business Development

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