Creating our new film for The Dulwich Estate

With the recent celebration of 400 years of charitable work within the community, we had the honour to work with the south London-based charity: The Dulwich Estate. In 2021, we were approached by the Estate to create an emotive and engaging film to tell their story and inform their audiences of the great work they do within the local community and beyond.

With a large breadth of offerings, from helping with educational opportunities to caring for the elderly, our challenge was to present all of our client’s key messages condensed down to a 2.5 minute storytelling film. The local area has a rich history and a diverse community, all of which needed to come across in the film. We also needed to give equal weighting to all the local partnerships that The Dulwich Estate works so closely with.

In addition to this, there were limitations on what footage we could acquire from the partnerships and the Estate itself. So we followed a mixed media approach of combining photography and illustration. This allowed us to be flexible with our creative visual concepts but still enabled us to show off the beauty of the local surroundings.

The first crucial step was for their team to work closely with our copywriter Rupert, to put together a script that was emotive but still gave the audience an informed view on what makes The Dulwich Estate so important to the local community. Once the script was approved, we began the creative process of exploring different visual approaches via moodboards and style frames. From rough sketches to fully illustrated frames, we developed the storyboards to support the narrative of the film.

We wanted to make sure that the film was 100% authentic to Dulwich and its people. So with our direction, the talented photographer Fergus Burnett took photographs of some of the key landmarks and buildings, as well as people enjoying the local area. This gave us some rich photography that was true to Dulwich and brought a personal touch to the film.

The coming together of a strong narrative, playful illustration, excellent photography, clever animation, and an emotive soundtrack with subtle sound effects, has resulted in an animation that we are proud of, hit the 2.5 minute target and our client was certainly happy.

We asked tothepoint to produce a film for the Estate which explained our work and engaged audiences across a wide age range. They brought great creativity, strong team skills and excellent project management to the table and we were delighted with the final product. Karen Wood – The Dulwich Estate

If you’re interested in other animated movies and explainer videos that we’ve created you can see these listed on our tothepoint vimeo channel. Or even better, to find out more simply get in touch with us.