Croydon BID celebrate winning a third term

We’re very pleased for one of our vibrant and brilliant clients, Croydon BID, that they have won the vote to carry on their work representing the business community of Croydon for the next 5 years. Below you can see some of the work we created with them over the last few months and the power of the storytelling that highlighted the achievements by the BID for its levy payers, and the wider community, during such challenging times. 

It has been great for the team at tothepoint to be so involved with CEO Matt Sims and his BID team through the ups and downs of the last 5 years, creating materials and innovative ideas that have helped lead to this. The dedication that Matt has shown to support the businesses of Croydon, and beyond with the Raise The Bar Campaign, has been inspirational and has now been rewarded.

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The success of the vote outcome has been helped by the clarity of the communications we have produced together. These specifically target the levy payers, highlighting the value that Croydon BID provided to businesses and residents alike.

As we highlighted in our August enews, no stone was left unturned in terms of getting the message out there to the levy payers, which was essentially that ‘Your vote counts’. This was backed by a campaign that communicated the commitment that Croydon BID was making, to help them through the unprecedented times that local businesses were facing. The BID made it very clear that this was only going to be achieved by working together, in the spirit of collaboration. This was embodied in the overarching campaign message “Together we can. Together we will”.

The work examples and our links show how this message was continually drummed home and distributed by the BID across social media platforms, the BID website, and through talking head videos that could be viewed on the home page. The high quality, perfect bound BID proposal document, featuring original photography, was the centerpiece which provided a simple, clear narrative that highlighted :

  1. The challenges we face together
  2. The value we add
  3. Our path to recovery
  4. What ‘we will’ deliver

The combination of this powerful messaging, the materials we created, and the huge efforts on the part of the Croydon BID team, headed by Matt, ensured that the vote gave the desired outcome.

Whether it is a campaign, election, or ballot they all require key ingredients to get them across the line successfully. The dedication, teamwork, creative inspiration, and understanding shown by tothepoint throughout our ballot campaign not only brought our vision to life but created a platform upon which we were able to convey the business proposal and its objectives in a clear and succinct way. The team at tothepoint was always on hand, as they always are, supporting us, challenging us but above all delivering on every aspect of the ballot campaign. They are a team full of creative stars.

Matthew Sims, Chief Executive of Croydon BID