Croydon Bid Highlights

After the success of our work on redesigning the Croydon BID website we were approached by Kayleigh Paget Marketing & Communications Manager at the BID to design their ‘Highlights of 2023-24’ brochure following the same style as the website.

The brochure needed to illustrate how the funds provided by the BID’s business membership are spent, and the results and outcomes the BID team have managed to achieve during any given year. These ‘highlights’ are issued to showcase the value BIDs deliver on behalf of their business members. Historically, Croydon BID has included these highlights with the A4 Croydon BID levy letter, which is mailed out once a year on 1st April, so retaining the A4 format for the brochure was requested but the impacts and key messaging needed to be enhanced and have more gravitas.

As with the website, it was important that the general look and feel of the document was informative, friendly, and results driven. The same design tools and assets we had created for the website were applied here. These tools included a strong typographic styling and the use of individual colour palettes that represented each of the BID’s core achievements and highlights including ‘Putting safety first’, ‘Brightening up our streets’, ‘Boosting the appeal of our town’ and ‘Championing your needs’.

The result was a document that perfectly reflected the dynamism and warmth of the new website, whilst at the same time demonstrating the value that the BID brings to the city of Croydon and its Levy payers.

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Kayleigh Paget Marketing & Communications manager at Croydon BID had this to say about the project:

The support we’ve received from To The Point has been nothing short of seamless. From the latest redesign of our website to the creation of our ‘Highlights 2023-24’ brochure, the team has consistently brought our visions to life. Their integration of design elements across digital and print mediums not only ensures brand consistency for Croydon BID but has also helped us to amplify our business results in a fun and engaging way.

Kayleigh Paget Marketing & Communications manager at Croydon BID