Croydon BID term time

Time flies when you’re having fun, and although the Croydon BID renewal ballot didn’t exactly sneak up on us, we still can’t believe the time has come to work with the BID team on the campaign to ensure they are voted in again for another term.

Of course there is a lot of talk about the great future in store for Croydon, with BoxPark coming later this year and plans for Westfield well under way. But it’s also the perfect moment for us to take stock and reflect on everything the BID has achieved (and some of the lovely design work that has accompanied this).

And to kick this off, with the help of Freshly Made Films, the BID have produced the perfect tool to showcase to the levy payers exactly what they’ve achieved during their 5 year term, and to highlight why they should continue the hard work in 2017 and beyond. The video (full screen link here) is also a great showcase for us, highlighting much of the work we’ve produced for them since winning the contract back in early 2013. This work started with evolving the brand and core messaging but since then we’ve produced a BID and community website, established the branding for the loyalty card scheme, produced the annual report, pledge banners and advertising as well as the brand and uniforms for the newly established Croydon ambassadors.

To kick-start the renewal campaign the BID has produced a questionnaire for levy payers and hosted three workshops, focusing on the regeneration of Croydon, safety in the area and looking at the 5 core pledges the BID made at the last ballot. With the help of Paul Clement of British BIDs, who ran the workshops, this research will feed in to the brief to ensure the correct messaging and emphasis on pledges meet the needs of business and the community during this time of great change.

We also attended these workshops to get a real insight into what is needed now and for the future. Our strapline ‘All change! Croydon’ has never had so much relevance as it does today but one initial observation was that for now, people need to know that ‘Croydon is still open for business!’. We’re looking forward to working closely with the BID like we did with our local BID, Better Bankside, when we helped them with their ballot in 2014 and they achieved another term.