Don’t Quote Me On It…

Have I Told You Lately…


That we luff you, with two f’s. That’s why we couldn’t let the month of amouré pass us by without giving away some swoon worthy prints and gifts. Our love doesn’t come free though, we’re going to make you work for it with a romantically themed quote bank quiz (here). We’ll choo-choo-choose the winners in a heart racing, butterfly inducing prize draw consisting of the top scoring entries. Now, if you need us we’ll be looking for love in all the wrong places.

The Winners Circle

We’ve started the New Year with some exciting news, we won a 6 way tender to brand the exhibition and lab space for the The Francis Crick Institute! With an impressive building, award winning sculpture and of course the pioneering work that will be undertaken here, the pressure is on.

Having working on their hoardings a few years ago it’s great to be invited to help with their interiors. Construction is well underway just outside King’s Cross Station, with our first site visit complete we’ve started off with some cracking concepts, so watch this space.


Technical Spectacles

Wearable tech is the future so we are told, although we still need a bit of convincing to actually wear these headpieces. Tech giants Microsoft and Google have both released their own version of the new technology. The long awaited Google Glass (that arrived without many people noticing) is being “re-evaluated” this month, and it’s unclear how long Google will keep supporting the venture. Microsoft on the other hand are making giant leaps into the world of augmented reality. Their new Hololens headset blends the digital and the real world into a seamless unity. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the video and watch the innovation before your very eyes.

Gods Own Junk Yard

The neon craze is in full swing, from shop signage to interior branding (some we’ve created for our clients featured here. Whilst walking through Soho last week we happened upon the pop up ‘Gods Own Junk Yard’, we say happened upon, it illuminates the street so it’s hard to miss! Described as a wonderland of creativity, the late Chris Bacey’s iconic work started as signs for racy Soho sex shops but the collection grew and now the company boasts one of the largest collection of neon signs and are the oldest sign makers in London! The exhibition has ended but never fear you can still find their signs in their online, their Walthamstow shop and even in Selfridges!

And The Winners Are…..

The results from the quotebank quiz are in! After careful analysis of the scores we can announce that the winner of a day screen printing at Print Club London is another expert printer, Mr Smith. Who you may remember was featured as part of our enews a few months ago when we visited his letterpress studio! Runners up who will receive a limited edition quotebank quiz poster (some might think the better prize) are Jenni Dixon from CBRE, Lizzie Lockett from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and Scott Hart from LHK Fine Wines.