EFG Future Leaders Panel

We are excited to announce that we’ve recently finished the visual identity for EFG’s new initiative, Future Leaders Panel, which brings together industry and academic experts, with the aim of contributing to their investment research process and provide insights for EFG’s clients.

This is a new initiative from EFG, which from a creative point of view meant we had to come up with a fresh look that felt less corporate but still linking in subtle ways with the new EFG brand.

We were first tasked to create the name and after several brainstorming sessions both internally and with the client, ‘Future Leaders Panel’ was chosen. From there we explored the brand mark and visual identity, whilst taking into consideration EFG’s brand guidelines and how the initiative would work with existing EFG materials.  We explored several themes and concepts that conveyed the function and structure of the Panel. 

We wanted to communicate the five key pillars which the framework is based on: innovation, psychology, finance, brand & marketing and ESG/SRI, bringing this to life through a people-focused approach. This “people” representation through iconography also added drama and movement as well as highlighting the process of selection. The colour palette was chosen to compliment EFG’s existing brand guidelines, ensuring a consistent visual link could be maintained throughout the materials whilst creating a strong iconic brand for Future Leaders Panel that could stand on its own.


We designed and produced several digital and display elements, including banners and pop up stands, which were used at the official launch event, where the panel of experts held speeches introducing the concept and value it could bring. Keynote speakers included Nathan Furr (business innovation expert and Assistant Professor of Strategy at INSEAD) and Freek Vermeulen (innovation expert and Associate Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at London Business School.

We are currently working on designing and developing the Panel’s website which will be ready to go live in Q1, so stay tuned to see the results!