Engaging with ABPI’s audience via video

We have been working with the ABPI, The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry for several years now, helping them demystify science and break down complex themes. There is no more effective way to do this than by the use of explainer videos. These have been proven time and again to help engage with the audience and explain complex matters with the crafted combination of animation, imagery and voice over, often further supported by typographic key messaging and subtitles.

We recently worked with them to create a set of short videos to help explain the complex decision-making process that NICE use to assess new medicines. The videos sit alongside a much more in-depth analysis of their processes, but there are massive benefits to be had from including these short-form videos. They can grab attention in a world with ever-decreasing attention spans. If a viewer is pressed for time, they may wish to digest the information in a quick 60 second video download rather than read reams of information. The longer you hold your audience’s attention, the more engaged they’ll be in understanding your message.

Keeping viewers on your web page watching a video also has real benefits, as it helps to increase organic traffic to your site, which makes video a great tool for SEO since search engines rank videos higher than text. Google widely recognises the use of video on a site and automatically rewards websites that use them.

As well as having living, breathing video content in key and relevant locations on your site, they are also a great asset to share across your other social media channels. You’ve created the assets so why not use them and help broaden your audience? This additional usage will help drive new viewers to your site and build brand awareness of your content.

We’re continuing to work with the ABPI creating engaging content, demystifying the science of their work, and using the benefits of video to help inform, engage and educate its varied audiences.

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We have also created a guide (link below) which details and explains each step of our animation process, from concepts and pre-production through to the animation itself and then sign off. It also includes examples of animations we’ve created to convey our breadth of work and the styles and techniques we utilise. By sharing this document with clients and prospective clients, we hope to demystify the process of creating an animation, and in doing so, give our clients the confidence to plan and engage in this kind of work more.

Read our guide to animation production here