Enhancing Global Vaccine Understanding: IFPMA & DCVMN’s impactful presentation materials

We were approached by IFPMA to develop a new co-branded set of presentation materials that tell the story of how vaccines are manufactured and supplied globally. IFPMA and DCVMN wanted to produce materials that help better inform its partners on the key vaccine manufacturing considerations to secure sustainable supply through shared understanding.

They felt the best way to achieve this was through the aid of a presentation document that they would talk through, supported by a complementary leaflet that highlights some of the key points of manufacture and delivery of vaccines.

These materials needed to be impactful and engaging whilst at the same time reflecting the gravitas of both IFPMA and DCVM. It was also important that the design and implementation of the materials were jointly branded in such a way to allow the brand assets from both the IFPMA and DCVMN to shine through.

We achieved this through a combination of key primary colours taken from both organisations’ guidelines colour palettes, and the commonality that roundels played in both brand logos and their visual assets.

We created a suite of icons for the presentation document with a slightly retro/industrial feel. These were used to great effect on divider slides helping to distinguish between the various presentation topics and creating natural breaks between each subject matter.

The concertina giveaway utilised paper folding to create a pocket-sized leaflet that perfectly compartmentalised the various stages and processes of medicine manufacture and delivery. With seven concertina pages per side, we were able to dedicate a page for each of the stages for both ‘the vaccine timeline’ (the front of the leaflet) and ‘the manufacturing chain’(the back of the leaflet).

Elliot Dunster, Executive Director of Communications at IFPMA, had this to say about the project and the support materials we produced.

True to form, the TTP team delivered thoughtful and engaging materials that addressed the brief – and on time and budget. They were also able to show huge flexibility and understanding in navigating sign-off processes which required some amendments that were seamlessly integrated.