Fall for our roundup

Quote Bank Does Halloween


With Halloween fast approaching we have taken the opportunity to design another quote bank quiz. This time the focus is horror movies (for obvious reasons). So if you know your Saws from your Signs then have a crack. Up for grabs are 2 tickets to the London Bridge Experience to enjoy some proper frights. If you are a fan of our other quizzes they can still be found here.

Web Harmony

We’ve just completed our first project with the guys over at Harmonic Capital Partners, a London based hedge fund manager. We designed their new website creating a fresh approach, with a revised colour palette and original photography. With a challenging timeframe of 6 weeks for two photo-shoots, and the design and build, the pressure was on. We worked in partnership with JPES, a strategic marketing, media and public relations company who wrote the site content, helping Harmonic to establish their tone of voice and convey their offer. Take a look at their new site here.

Ask and you shall receive


The London Underground Map, originally designed by Henry Beck, has become somewhat of an icon for the UK’s capital city however any hardened Londoner will also know the frustrations from it’s lack of geographical accuracy. Thanks to a Freedom of Information Request submitted by James Burbage the mythical Geographical London Connections map is available for everyone. Londoners rejoice!

A TV for looking at

The television is a staple in most homes (unless you’ve rejected the consumer life in favour of remote living) and over the years its design has shifted from being inspired by furniture through to the more “gadgety” TV’s we know today. Samsung and French designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec have decided it’s time to bring beautiful design back to televisions.

The new Serif TV uses natural materials and aims to give the set as much beauty and consideration whether it’s on or off. The shift away from the “high tech” aesthetic towards more crafted pieces is something we’ve been incorporating for a while now, mostly in our workplace environments work, and are now seeing it becoming a wider trend.


UX what?

Whilst we believe a crafted aesthetic is becoming more prominent, this doesn’t mean digital is taking a back seat; we think it’s more a case of digital and non-digital reaching a more natural harmony i.e. digital being used when it’s the best solution, rather than as a way to appear “ahead of the curve”. However with digital design comes a whole new set of processes and roles set to baffle the world, from UX designer and Interaction/Motion Designer, and what an earth does a Front-End Developer do?!

We’re here to tell you not to worry, it’s not as confusing as it sounds and part of our job is to make the whole process easy, so we prefer to leave the jargon at the door. However, if you do want to brush up on your lingo the guys at Fast Code Design have put together a handy cheat sheet that will help you separate your UI from your UX.


Freelance comedy


This next post is something we came across this week that made us chuckle, so we felt compelled to share. The first of a short comedy series about going freelance, it highlights a few of the struggles freelancers face, although we might also choose to start wearing a live/work robe…

Final Call


For those who aren’t aware the Serpentine Pavilion undergoes a playful transformation each year, from big red boxes to the original angular structure by Zaha Hadid in June 2000. This year’s pavilion, designed by SelgasCano, is just as whacky, expect bright colours and overlapping, iridescent tubes. But be quick, as the last open day is 18th October.