February Round Up

Kicking off Croydon BID’s renewal campaign

Croydon BID represents the interests of around 550 organisations, including well-known brands and businesses in the retail, office, leisure, hospitality and public sectors. Governed by legislation, Croydon BID operates for five years, after which they must secure a majority of votes by number and aggregate rateable value to be reinstated. 2021 marks the final year of their third term, so we have been working closely with Chief Executive, Matt Sims and his team to design materials for the renewal campaign which will hopefully see Croydon BID secure a fourth term in office.

To kick off the renewal campaign, a vision and delivery plan is determined by the levy payers themselves through a consultation process which maps out their needs as a business. This involves undertaking numerous research approaches to ascertain what the levy considers as the priorities for the next five years.

One such method, is the gathering of feedback and information through a consultation survey. Working closely with Croydon BID and The Retail Group, we designed the creative look and feel of the renewal survey, matching the style of the Report and Accounts and Response and Strategy documents we had created several months prior to ensure brand synergy and recognition.

To maximise its reach and achieve as large a pool of responses as possible, we created 3 surveys; an interactive online pdf, a print version to be sent to levy payers, and an online survey hosted on SurveyMonkey. We are seeing a shift towards an increased usage of online surveys, owing to the accelerated digitisation of the world due to COVID-19, which, in many ways, has come with a lot of benefits and improvements. We expect this trend to continue and become the new norm once the pandemic is over, which both encourages and excites us when thinking about the digital opportunities that lie ahead.

The survey marked the first creative we will be delivering for Croydon BID as part of the renewal campaign, so we are looking forward to what’s in store and doing our part in helping them to secure another term so that they may continue to make Croydon a safer, cleaner, more attractive, vibrant and accessible place to be. Watch this space:

Making the complex simple; our new tothepoint showreel is unleashed on our landing page

Having published our snazzy new showreel recently, we have now added it to our landing page, showcasing our branding work and bringing our ethos of ‘clear, concise communication’ to life. Take a look at our portfolio for further examples of how we’ve brought our client’s brands to life using animation and video.

How to design a website people love

This month, James, our Head of Digital was invited to speak at an online webinar organised by Profile Network to talk about ‘How to design a website people love’. Profile Network is (as the name suggests) a networking organisation and information exchange for professionals working in property marketing and PR. James was joined by Tom Foulkes of Carter Jonas and Claire Donald from architects firm Scott Brownrigg. The 3 speakers presented their thoughts covering topics on how to present your business online and communicate to your target audience, followed by a Q&A and direct discussion in breakout rooms. Take a look at the Profile Network website for up and coming webinars on branding and business development within the property sector. If you’d like to read James’ webinar notes, you can download the PDF here.

Helping our clients to be accessible online

Over recent months, we have been working towards achieving an increasing level of online accessibility for our clients. Working with The Lloyd’s Register Foundation on their World Risk Poll website, and more recently with EDIS Group to design and develop their new website, we have taken our well practiced design and development techniques a step further under the guidance of Hassel Inclusion. Hassel specialise in accessibility, and specifically working to W3C compliancy standards. With an impressive list of clients that include the BBC and Scope, they’ve been instrumental in helping us fine tune our projects to make them as accessible as possible without compromising on design. If you’d like to find out how we can make your site more accessible but keep it looking great then give us a call – +44 (0)20 7378 6999.