February round up

Joe Joins

Recently back in Blighty having honed his design (and BBQ) skills to a fine point on the other side of the world (Melbourne), we are joined by Joe Cook.

A fresh addition to the design team here, Joe covers all bases in both print and digital. A strong typographic eye for detail and dazzling animation skills helps to add a few more arrows to our quiver, and we hope to showcase his work soon!


David Hockney Exhibition at Tate Britain

Our very own Gill attended a preview of “Britain’s greatest living painter” and gave us the lowdown on what she thought.

Lucky to have Tate membership, I grabbed at the chance of going to one of the previews. I don’t want to oversell this, but this is one of the best exhibitions I’ve seen in a while. Brilliantly curated and simply full of fun and energy.

It spans six decades and goes some way to explaining why Hockney is so popular and perhaps is our most famous living artist. Over 100 works are on show from his art school sketches as a student in London, through to 1960s Los Angeles and then through the decades (loved the Yorkshire landscapes) to his newest works following his return to California in 2013.

Go on a guided tour, I’m a big fan – the sheer enthusiasm of the guides is catching – their depth of knowledge is astounding, pointing out little details you would ordinarily miss. For example, and here’s a little gem – did you know Hockney seldom painted feet – even Ossie Clark’s bare feet in ‘Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy’ are buried in the deep pile of the rug ….

The David Hockney Exhibition at Tate Britain is on until 29 May 2017.

Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy 1970-1 David Hockney born 1937 Presented by the Friends of the Tate Gallery 1971

Love where you work

It’s always nice to revisit some of the workspace environments we’ve created, and Twitter HQ in Air Street stands out as one that has really opened doors for us.

The design and installation still look as good as it did when we completed it just over two years ago. Their Polaroid wall has evolved from the heart shape to other shapes, currently as letter forms, and the table tennis table means Simon has got to fend off demands for one at TTP all over again… And of course, our signature on the great wall of tweets is still one of our best credits to date.

The neon sign captures the true ethos of this workplace and has been repeated across all their global sites, and when you meet the staff you know it’s true… they really do love where they work! Thanks again to Leah Soaft for taking time out for a catch up with Simon and Lizzie and letting them sample the great food available in ‘the commons’… If you’d like to see all the interiors we’ve brought to life for Twitter click here:




Support the Ziggy Zag!

We’re loving this crazy idea for a David Bowie memorial sculpture proposed for Brixton High St. A three storey high steel lightning bolt taken from the iconic Aladdin Sane album cover, injected directly into the pavement.


Brixton has undergone a kind of cultural revival over the past few years, with the regeneration of Brixton Village and the more recent installation of Pop Brixton (think Boxpark crossed with Street Feast ). So a great big red and blue lightning bolt to mark the birthplace of Ziggy Stardust should be right at home.

There’s quite a way to go before the crowdfunding page reaches its target however. For more info take a look here.

Flipping Hell We Won

So on the last day of February instead of celebrating Shrove Tuesday, an intrepid team from tothepoint decided to take on another #ttptryit challenge!

This time the Better Bankside Pub Quiz, and to our surprise, after a nail-biting reverse order reveal of the scores, we won! The team (especially Diana) were even more delighted when they received the prize…a large box of delicious, locally prepared chocolate brownies. Yum Yum!

This might have to become a regular event now as we have a title to defend. How are your #ttptryit challenges coming along? Do let us know as we would love to hear about them.