Forseeing the financial future with EFGAM’s Outlook for 2020

Each December, our client EFG Asset Management put their considerable knowledge and foresight into predicting the up and coming year’s global financial trends. We then help them to communicate this in a brochure and simple website called Outlook.

2020’s Outlook was no different, although made slightly more interesting (and uncertain) by the onset of the UK’s general election. However, we helped EFGAM with a quick turn around in the run-up to Christmas.

Following on from our previous theme of binoculars (predicting the future) and before that, a magnifying glass, the new creative features a lightbulb suggesting illumination. Within the lightbulb, and spread throughout the document, is a suite of bespoke icons, one for each of the 10 key predictions.

The predictions suggest that the pay gap between ordinary workers and CEO’s salaries will shrink, there will be more spending on green initiatives to counter climate change, global growth will continue, austerity will be over and Brexit may not be the total disaster for the UK that the press would have everyone believe.

Each Outlook begins with a review of the previous year’s predictions and how accurate they were. With a consistently high success rate, and what looks like quite a turbulent year ahead, we’re keen to see how 2020 pans out but are certainly more optimistic having read some of these predictions. Now in our 4th decade in business, let’s hope this decade will be a great one to remember.

See the website and download the PDF version here