Getting fit

The idea of getting fit often sends a cold shiver down our spine, especially during the season of over indulgence! But thankfully ISBA’s Future Fit conference is less about counting the calories and more about counting the Retweets, or more specifically it’s about ensuring the advertising industry is ready for the future.
Future Fit Form

Future Fit Form

Future Fit Inside Spread

Future Fit Inside Spread

New technology and lifestyles have changed the way we consume media and in turn how we absorb advertising. ISBA’s Future Fit day invites industry renowned speakers to discuss this evolution and help the industry to stay on its toes and adapt.

To find out more about Future Fit visit ISBA’s website.

Although we’ve kept brand recognition by using the familiar colour palette of greens and browns, the conference is a stand alone event and didn’t need to follow the sound graphic we created as part of the ‘Voice of British advertising’ concept.

The interlocking F’s have been used to suggest the idea of a perfect fit, whilst imagery within adds dynamism.

The conference will be hosted in March, so there will be plenty more materials needed in the lead up to it. So watch this space!

 Future Fit Cover