Have you heard…

How do you promote a business without shouting? Well, you create a whispering campaign of course, which is what we’ve been working on with Turley recently.


You may recognise Turley from our enews story on their full rebrand last year, if you can’t cast your mind back that far here’s a little refresher.

Planning specialists Turley have traditionally been modest about publicising their achievements, despite having plenty of things to shout about! Unlike most of their competitors Turley are known for their creative approach to the planning process, providing flexibility and above all having a team that people love to work with. They’re often known as ‘the industry’s best kept secret’.

After avoiding the limelight for so long, they decided it was time to quietly tell the world a little more about themselves. As well as deep experience, Turley’s personality is at the core of everything they do. A big, loud campaign would have fallen on deaf ears, so we created “Have you heard…” the world’s quietest campaign (although we still need World Record Breakers to confirm this fact).

“Have you heard…” gives Turley the flexibility to adapt the tag line depending on the topic. The first use has been to communicate the opening of their new office in Reading, but it could be used to let people know about projects, areas of the business or upcoming events, to name just a few.

The quirky line creates intrigue, and suggests latest news which can feed nicely into social media with #haveyouheard and #justheard. The overall conversational tone reflects that personal touch Turley have become famous for.

“After we decided to build the “Have you heard” campaign, TTP went away and came up with a number of visual concepts which we could go to market with. We’re really pleased with the initial results, and are looking forward to taking the concept further with new materials over the coming months.”
Ben Walker, Marketing Manager at Turley

The right tone and content are key to being heard in the mass of daily communications, it’s not necessarily about shouting the loudest. Instead the focus should be on your personality and what your audience wants to hear. If campaigns or collateral don’t reflect your core brand, it will only leave your audience confused and wont achieve the results you want. If you’re loud, be loud and big, but if you’re more reserved, then that should follow through in your marketing. Whether you want to shout, sing, paint the town red or whisper, we’ll help you get to the point.