Helping to #Raisethebar

Our client Matthew Sims, CEO of Croydon BID, and Andrew Taylor of Cocktail Pub Company, had been looking at how to help retail and hospitality in these difficult times and have successfully built and launched the #RaiseTheBar campaign.

We’ve helped a little by refining their website where you can find out more here:

We think this is a great initiative and it takes the message out beyond Croydon to the rest of London and is even having success further afield. You can join more than 10,000 others by signing the petition today – it only takes 60 seconds – and help save our high streets and local community business. Let’s all put pressure on UK Parliament to increase the rateable value grant cap from £51k to £150k for Retail, Hospitality, Leisure businesses

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Their press coverage is being managed by Katie Blake of Kallaway and their press release is hard-hitting with the headline: EIGHT WEEKS TO SAVE THE NATION’S HIGH STREETS FROM ARMAGEDDON. It has had great coverage across national press and radio as well as the attention of 86 conservative MP’s and key players in the opposition all coming together to push to help save our high streets. Some extracts and stats are below but you can see the full press release on the website, or for media enquiries email or call 07827812813 or 07825285235.

The campaign has secured cross-party support including:

The #RaiseTheBar campaign believes access to the £25,000 is the difference between survival and bankruptcy for businesses on High Streets across England and Wales, which have welcomed an outpouring of support from the public during lockdown choosing to support their local communities.
The grant will enable businesses to mitigate significant stock losses and cash flow challenges, including rent, that wage subsidies do not address. Many businesses are not in a position to take on further debt or have serious misgivings about being able to survive the recovery and service loans. Other cash pressures include suppliers, service charges and the cost of re-opening to repurchase stock and ongoing running costs.
Matthew Sims, CEO, Croydon BID and co-founder of #RaiseTheBar campaign said:
“Access to the RHLG grant is a ticking time bomb for tens of thousands of businesses on our High Streets and in our local communities. There are just eight weeks until rent is due and the prospect of going under is an uncomfortable truth the Government needs to hear and act upon now. The consequences of failing to increase the business rates threshold are to grim to bear.”