Hoarding good ideas

It only takes a quick look across the London horizon line to spot all the cranes reshaping our city, foundations go down and the structures go up all hidden behind the humble hoarding, a regularly over looked piece of the marketing materials.

Of course we don’t want to tar all hoardings with the same brush, however they don’t always reach their full potential. This canvas should be actively considered as a key part of the marketing, embodying the scheme as much as the other collateral does.


The hoardings used for the regeneration in the Kings Cross area earn the gold star for hoardings in our books as they’re used to show exhibitions at local galleries, to provide nice areas to sit and enjoy your Metro (can any one think of any development sites that offer that?!) and there’s even a viewing tower for the extra nosey.

Our hoardings for The Francis Crick Institute are used as a chance to engage people in the work of Francis Crick and what the institute will do in the future. For the launch during the Olympics we had “busking scientists” in the area to engage with people and take the hoardings that next step further.


It can also act as your voice to the community, keeping them informed and excited about the positive effect the build will have. Using a time line to show the progression, demonstrating the schemes green credentials through a living wall, or even be used as way finding for people during the works. On a more basic level they can be something aesthetically pleasing and engaging for someone to look at as they wait for the bus!


Working with an experienced design team will help to ensure your hoardings work as hard as they can, capturing that extra audience and everyone that comes into contact with the scheme during it’s initial stages. From large Dibond hoardings covering an entire scheme in Worcester, to window graphics for a luxury development in Budapest, our range of work in this space proves we can really get to the essence of your scheme and ensure your hoardings are working to their full potential.