Iconography for UX with Specialty Risks

This month we have been helping Specialty Risks get ready for the launch of their new system, a bespoke application for processing insurance policies and claims, including use of third party integrations through APIs.

The UX was more challenging than usual, catering for students with disabilities, a proportion of whom suffer from conditions such as dyslexia and other visual impairments.

Having previously designed their identity and helped with their website, document templates and other materials, they recently asked us to design a suite of icons representing the key stages of their claims process.

Taking their existing suite of icons into consideration, we designed a new set to communicate the 4 stages of a claim, from ‘claim open’ through to final approval.

The icons are being applied to a set of email notifications to automatically update an insurance claimant throughout their claim. We designed these templates to be implemented in SendGrid, integrated with Specialty Risks’ system, to send out real-time notifications to claimants.