Imagine that

The Transport Systems Catapult (TSC) is one of seven Catapults around the UK, bringing together a network of world-leading centres created to pioneer innovation in a variety of sectors. The TSC’s area of innovation focuses around how we can move people and goods seamlessly around the UK and the globe, as well the positive economic impact the projects can have on the country. It’s a sector the TSC refer to as Intelligent Mobility, as it encompasses everything they’re trying to achieve.

Transport Systems and Intelligent Mobility are so broad, with an estimated global value of £900bn by 2025, covering everything from driverless pods (yes, KITT will become a reality) to electronic tickets and a cycle drag lift that will hoist you up that painful hill!

It’s safe to say our work with the TSC has been as varied as the projects they’re helping to develop. It all started with the Imagine Festival, with the branding and website for the event, which starts on the 9th of June and aims to introduce people to the TSC and inspire people to start talking about Intelligent Mobility.

The Festival led into the creation of the IM campaign, a campaign designed to bring the topic of Intelligent Mobility to the fore of the Transport Systems Catapult. It aims to communicate its future importance, encourage debate and inspire people to be involved. Its distinctive look reflects the dynamism of the topic, whilst sitting nicely with the main TSC brand, which underpins the campaign across all materials.

Once the campaign was in place it was rolled out across a broad suite of materials. The largest, not only in terms of scale, were the graphics for the all singing and dancing “Imovation Centre”. No, that’s not a typo! We managed to persuade the powers that be to change the name from Innovation to Imovation to truly promote IM. The Centre is open to the public and will serve as a place for people to not only work on projects with the help of the TSC, but to also discover Intelligent Mobility and how they might be able to get involved.


The centre will also feature the IM animation we worked on, introducing people to Intelligent Mobility.

Other materials include a set of cards named the Insight Toolkit. Each card explores one of 21 themes within Intelligent Mobility, such as how it can help the elderly or make people happier on their daily commute (that’d be a first!). And an A5 booklet that explains the current projects and market value of Intelligent Mobility, folding out to an A1 poster featuring the IM graphic used in the Imovation Centre.

David Reid, head of communications at the Transport Systems Catapult, said:

“tothepoint have created an innovative campaign across a variety of media that is helping us to communicate the heart of our business – intelligent mobility – in an engaging way that captures the imagination and makes a relatively complex concept easy to understand.”

These are just a few of the projects we’ve been working on and are continuing to work on. If we wrote about them all, this post would rival a Game of Thrones novel. However if you would like to hear more about this work then do drop us a line or even better, pop down to the Imovation Centre to see how we’ve helped to bring Intelligent Mobility to life.

You can see photo’s here of the Imovation Centre in action
You can also watch a video here of Vince Cable as he opens the Centre