In London, For London

Turley, one of the UK’s biggest planners (who btw we rebranded last year, see here), came to us to create a campaign that would help to raise the awareness and visibility of their services in the London area, and of course we got stuck straight in.
In London For London

The campaign needed to highlight their expertise as a cross service and cross sector company within the capital. Turley are known for their specialist planning around the UK but not as well known for working within London. By raising more awareness of their expertise and success in the capital a bigger share of the market should be achievable.

We created a ‘co-ordinate’ sub brand mark that will allow Turley to map key areas distinctive to London and pinpoint their projects to the exact latitude and longitude.

In London For London

The campaign needed to respect the existing Turley brand and bring their skills and personality to the fore. It uses the brand font in different weights to mimic the parent brand, whilst still allowing the Turley logo to sit proud.

The ‘In London, For London’ logo has been used across various materials for key client events, using the ‘+’ to show location co-ordinates of projects.

In London For London

This mark will work in conjunction with photographs that will tell a story of the area, capturing the essence and history of London. The concept and story telling aspect of the campaign will be supported by the commissioning of images which will communicate Turley’s social and community approach to planning and highlight their in depth knowledge and understanding of London. We’ll be sure to show you once complete!


We introduced Turley to PR company ING Media, who we are now working in partnership with on the In London For London project, using both our skill sets to deliver a strong successful campaign.