Inflexion celebrating 20 years

We have been working with leading mid-market private equity firm Inflexion for a number of years on their marketing literature. At the end of last year we worked closely with the marketing team to evolve the use of their thought leadership brand known as ‘inflexion exchange’ which has now been successfully rolled out. This work led to Inflexion asking us to help them with another branding project for this year…

In recognition of achieving a key milestone anniversary, we were asked to create a logo to mark the celebration of 20 years of Inflexion. Our brief was that the mark would generally accompany the brand logo as an endorsement but should also in certain instances be allowed to shine in its own right.

The mark itself is a simple combination of the distinctive Inflexion forward curve and 20 years typography that eludes to new horizons and the future whilst still clearly representing 20 years of business growth.

The mark has been applied across business cards, literature and their website and will be applied across new materials as they are produced.