ISBA Inspiration 

As tradition has it, we are back at it again this year working with ISBA to develop the concept and communication materials for their 2017 annual conference.

ISBA is the only body focused single-mindedly on the interests of British advertisers and we’ve had the pleasure of working with them for several years on branding their materials.

This year they’ve asked us to create a concept focused on the ever-changing digital landscape and how this can potentially make marketeers lose their way in the headlong rush towards a new digital horizon. Our solution was a simple device that reflected this future drive, momentum and vision whilst at the same time taking stock and looking back at the consequences of these actions, all under the concept of “Future inspiration. Impact now”.

This was then applied to their first communication piece – a teaser announcement which was sent out to introduce the conference and “Save the date”.



We then visually translated the concept across a 6 page brochure which we finished just before Christmas, ready for distribution in early January.



Stay tuned to see the rest of the materials next year and if you want to find out more about ISBA and the 2017 conference see their site here.