January Round Up

Better You, Better Workplaces panel event hosted by Better Bankside

Last Wednesday morning, our Senior Account Manager Kira attended the Better Bankside panel event discussing best practices in the workplace.

The core topics covered were good employment standards, health and wellbeing in the workplace, skills and progression and mental health. The morning kicked off with a short introduction to the Mayor’s Good Work Standard, an accreditation which encourages businesses to follow a series of best practice guidelines designed to make your business attractive to both existing and potential staff.

There are different levels to the accreditation which takes into account the size of the business, and as a small agency, it was hugely helpful to hear alternative options to the big corporate side of the discussion. With a headcount of 10, the approach to encouraging best practice is very different to large organisations with dedicated resources and the ability to build large networks internally. A second key topic was the health and wellbeing, both physical and mental, within workplaces and how the employment landscape has now changed to a focus on the individual. Organisations, no matter the size or sector, should all be approaching these topics with an emphasis on the human aspect of your workforce. The discussion centred on encouraging employers to place a greater emphasis on individual wellbeing and creating an environment where each employee has the opportunity to grow and be heard.

The event was very insightful and provided me with a lot of food for thought, in particular with regards to how we can implement some of the practices and policies that were discussed here at tothepoint. Kira Marshall, Senior Account Manager

Are you running or working for a business that’s making a difference?

A short journey of discovery into a couple of organisations that are helping business’ and people make a difference to communities and beyond. For tothepoint, working with companies that make a difference has been creatively rewarding but helps motivate the young team we have here – the work has more value to them and as a result, the input and output have been exceptional. As long as the work is financially viable it creates a great work-life balance.

Read more on our MD Simon’s Linkedin article

Brain Injury: the hidden epidemic

Our MD’s son, Tom Hutton, has just had his article published on his brain injury and discusses what needs to be done to help so many of those suffering from this form of injury – the ‘Hidden Epidemic’. He has come a long way since his cycling accident back in 2016. As a family, they’ve had their fair share of accidents and misfortunes but believe that sharing knowledge of these experiences, and pushing for change where needed, is a great way to come to terms with – and overcome – these obstacles. Please read his article on the link below and if you know someone with a TBI or ABI please share the relevant links. Well done Tom.

Read Tom’s article here

Act for the act – protecting human rights

A close link to Tom’s story is our design work for close friend Fiona Bawdon – the ‘Act for the Act’ branding for the campaign to save the Human Rights Act. This work highlighted many of the things we didn’t know about the Act and how important it is to ensure we all have a quality of life that many of us take for granted. This has become even more relevant to us now that we have seen how brain injuries can affect people, sometimes over many years. Hopefully, the Human Rights Act is safe for now but watch this space…and Tom’s!