January Round Up

Forged from fire with McCoys

At the start of January we went live with a new homepage design for McCoy’s crisps.

Promoting their new product range; Fire Pit gave us the opportunity to bring some life to their website with a new dynamic layout featuring floating pack-shots and a fiery background video.

This gives you a tasty preview of our new plans for the rest of the McCoy’s website, and follows on from our previous work helping KP Nuts promote their sponsorship of Movember.

See the new McCoys homepage here

New tothepoint showreel for a New Year

Hot-off-the press, we have just published our new showreel, showcasing some of our favourite projects from recent months.

As an exciting snapshot of our portfolio, it shows our diverse range of skills employed to bring our client’s brands to life across print, digital and environments. This is a precursor to a more major website refresh that we hope to complete for the spring. Watch this space.

I shot the serif is back!

Some years ago now, to great acclaim, we created a fun typography game using Adobe Flash called ‘I shot the serif’. Even with the slow impending demise of Flash, the game has had a loyal following online getting thousands of hits on our website.

However, last month Adobe officially withdrew their support for Flash Player, blocking Flash content from running at all.

So we have finally got round to recreating the game in HTML during lock down, with a lot of help from the original programmer of our designs, and master shot, Ian Wellock. We’ve even introduced some new sounds, so why not, cue drum roll, #ttptryit and #shoottheserif !

If you are already a fan, we’ve created some cool T-shirts and posters to promote the game that are available through our shop here. But if you are new to a game that was trending a few years back, then some simple instructions are below with the link to play.

Work against the clock to pick out the serif characters from the grid, and make sure not to shoot any of the sans-serif ones. There are a few dodgy ones in there to catch you out but as you progress through the levels you should know what to look out for. And if you like it, you can even download the original version for your iPhone from the Apple store here.

Test your skills and play the game here

Not just for Valentine’s day and a quiz!

2021 hasn’t exactly been the positive bounce back we’d hoped for yet, but with new vaccines being announced on a weekly basis, there is, at least, light at the end of this wretched tunnel.
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With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it gives us good reason to inject some much needed amour into our lives by expressing your undying love and gratitude for that special someone who is helping to get you through lockdown. And what better way to show that gratitude, than by giving your partner a tasteful card. Alternatively, you can browse our collection of cheekier cards, that are not just for Valentine’s Day here.

We’ve also dusted off our Valentine’s quiz – see how many of these romantic movies and songs / artists you can get and let us know how you get on!