January Round Up


We’ve been working with our client ISBA on branding and materials for their up and coming conference entitiled “One Industry, One Voice” in March.

Here’s a sneaky preview of our recent work for ISBA. Their 2019 conference focusses on equality, diversity, transparency and accountability with key speakers from the marketing and advertising industries.

Our work involved creating a sub-brand for the conference and applying it to advertising, their event website and various animated assets.

Take a look at the ISBA events website that we helped apply our new branding to, and watch this space for our full suite of assets.

Online Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

This month our MD Simon went to an enlightening seminar on the trials and tribulations of online marketing and delivering rich content online with SEO techniques in mind.

As a branding agency working across all mediums including digital and print. Content always has to be accessible and immediate whatever the project. Online of course brings its own challenges whether it be getting your message across to especially time-poor audiences or fighting for attention amongst other businesses out there. 

Accessibility and Search Engine Optimisation go hand-in-hand. Search engines are ever improving their algorithms geared towards how well your content can be found, and more importantly how relevant it is.

That said, some techniques for making sure your website ticks the right boxes haven’t changed much over the years. Do you consider keywords in your content? Do you also marry these up with page titles and calls-to-action? Great. But be wary of old-school black-hat techniques such as cramming keywords into your content if they aren’t relevant.

How are visitors reaching your website, and are you using social media to bolster your online presence? Despite search-engines getting more tuned in to how well you come across online, reciprocal linking is still the oldest trick in the book.

If you’re interested to know more about how our digital branding knowledge can help you cut through the noise online, then get in touch.


We’re through January, with the worst of winter almost behind us… and valentines day around the corner. So we’ve been getting all soppy with some valentines cards in our new shop.


You may recognise some of these from our previous posters and quote competitions. Take a look and if any(one) tickles your fancy you can click through to our redbubble page.
See our valentines cards

Also in a blast from the past, see how you get on in our valentines quote quiz.
Try our valentines quiz

I Shot The Serif

I Shot The Serif (but I didn’t shoot the sans-serif)… is about to make it’s return!

Our ardent followers out there might remember our hugely popular game Shoot the Serif, a rapid fire typographic extravaganza where the player is invited to identify the serif characters amongst the sans-serif ones. Created back in the dark days of flash ( you can still find it here if you want to turn your flash player on ) we’ve finally decided the game needs an overhaul. So coming soon on your iOS devices as well as a fully fledged HTML version… bring on Shoot The Serif 2019 !  ( sorry Bob Marley )