Je ne sais quoi!

Bonjour! Et voici notre infolettre de janvier! And for those of you less au fait with the language of love we said “Hello! And here is our January newsletter!”. Our love of language has been sparked through our recent work with L’Ecole Internationale Franco-Anglaise (EIFA), London’s premier bilingual school for children aged 3-11. This unique school’s curriculum is taught equally in both French and English, which is something they were keen to reflect in their new branding.

eifa_RGB copy

The logo incorporates two traditional symbols representing England and France – The Lion Rampant and the Fleur-de-lys – both commonly recognised with the heritage to each country. Our illustration uses clean lines and block colour to give the two traditional symbols a more modern twist.

The layering of the colours not only show the combination of the two countries but also create the richer purple. The colours themselves are sympathetic to the current building (which is an exquisite listed building!) but are bold enough to establish a unique brand for EIFA beyond this confine.

Colour_Overlay (1)

We have then used the layering of the colours in a range of stationery templates for the brand which helps to unify the designs and strengthens the identity.


Once the logo was complete we created brand guidelines, outlining logo usage, typography and colours. On all projects we recommend guidelines as it keeps consistency and defines rules and regulations for the brand.

We have also created adverts for the prestigious French magazine Ici Londres the Educational supplement in The Guardian and Tatler magazine, to promote EIFA’s new secondary school opening in September. We have used the brand colours as a strong theme, creating bands to structure the page and build recognition.


See below the old EIFA logo and our design: