The journey from ideas to patient benefit

Last month we were commissioned to undertake our first project for the National Institute for Health Research. They wanted an eye-catching infographic that could work across various mediums, initially designed within the format of a 6-page leaflet for their London roadshow for MedTech SMEs. The aim of the infographic was to highlight the route to, and benefits of, accessing the NIHR programmes, services and collaborators.

Initially, we developed a set of mood boards to show the different illustrative styles of infographic that we could produce, from a simple flat linear approach, through iconography to a more illustrative feel. We also discussed the ‘routes’ they wanted to convey and the remit of the different parts of the NIHR shown, so that we could interpret them in a visual form. As with all complex subject matter, making it appear simple, creative and engaging is a challenging process. 

Working collaboratively with the team at the NIHR, we developed the idea of a journey to represent the generation of the idea to the production of a medical device, technology or intervention for patient benefit. The design is supported by bespoke icons for all the different parts of the NIHR to help the viewer quickly identify the processes and steps involved. These icons can also be used in other materials related to this initiative to help build a consistent visual language.


We used photography on the cover to ensure the audience had an instant association with the content, and graphic elements across the outer pages, to create an instant link with the reveal of the inner infographic. For the roadshow event we adapted the infographic and applied it to a roll-up banner. It will also be carried through onto other materials, including PowerPoint slides and Twitter cards.