JPES Partners new website launch

We’ve just launched JPES Partners new website. For those of you who might not know, JPES Partners is a communications consultancy that combines strategic marketing and public relations disciplines in the investment and property industries.

We first started working with JPES Partners back in 2015, when we launched Harmonic Capital’s website. They helped structure and write the content, while we designed the website and commissioned the photography. We then partnered up a year later, working together on the GF International website.


So it was only a matter of time before we joined forces to help JPES refresh their website and their internal communication materials.

Before we got to the crux of their website, we looked at JPES’ credential documents, PowerPoint and Word templates. We focused on their logo, as it lends itself to colourful interpretation which we applied throughout the documents, extracting key colours to highlight different sections, quotes and important statistics. As with any template, it’s crucial to design and create layouts that are able to accommodate various types of content, whilst still retaining the brand look and feel. 

Once this visual exercise was completed, we then started the website design and build process. We began as usual by scrutinising the existing content before working up a new sitemap and content strategy. New wireframes helped to pin down these content suggestions and identify signposting throughout the layouts.

Moving on from the wireframes, we proceeded to design the pages, applying brand elements, typography and key messaging along with different photographic styles. In-depth consulting with the client at this stage gave us a strong steer for the final designs.

Driven by content generation, with an active blog containing industry insights and thought leadership pieces, the homepage was our initial focus point. Our brief was to make it informative but not too busy, directing the client’s readers to key areas of the site, including latest blog posts and core messaging.

The homepage works as a dynamic grid with the design and use of colour working well with the JPES Partners logo – the mixed elements of the logo allowed us to add playfulness to the layouts, using key colours to help distinguish content and also highlight important call outs. 

Throughout the website there is consistent cross linking between key pages, such as blog posts and the team section, helping to draw people further into the site.

This interlinking helps highlight the client’s core offerings, their industry knowledge and personality, as well as reflecting the company’s values. This encourages the reader to want to find out more. This is all aided by simple content builder features within the WordPress admin, making it super easy for the client to update content and manage the site.

We love our new website! The TTP team totally got our brief, and delivered the exact website we wanted, it is so bespoke and our new admin is really easy to use and edit. Thank you so much for all your help and hard work! – Alexandra Sayle, JPES Partners.

You can find out more about what JPES Partners do and even meet the team here – we can vouch they are friendly and always very helpful!