July Round Up

Our new tothepoint website

As you read this, you might notice that you’re looking at our brand new website! It’s all well and good creating new and innovative websites for clients but sometimes it’s important to give your own communication tools some TLC. We are extremely proud of our new website and would love to hear your views. You can tell us what you think via the form on our contact page if you like, or simply email

New Designers

It’s that time of year again when all the fresh faced design hopefuls come to London to exhibit at New Designers. Lizzie from our studio went down to pay a visit…she professed that it wasn’t just for the free drinks! She had this to say:

As a previous exhibitor at New Designers, I know how overwhelming showing your work to the public on this scale for the first time can be. It’s definitely not something I would want to relive!

As you can imagine, the pieces on display ranged from the weird to the wonderful. Some where very thought provoking and it was great to see a variety of fresh ideas, from beautifully crafted pieces of furniture to a set of desk organisers made from recycled milk bottles. This year I found myself far more interested in the graphics that were on show. They don’t seem to get the same attention as the furniture and product stands, and so I made it my mission to see them all. My particular highlight being the hairy legs!

All in all it was a great experience, even if it did make me feel a tiny bit old remembering where I was 3 years ago! I can remember vividly what a daunting task it was to talk to strangers about your projects, something that you poured a little bit of yourself into and slaved over for almost a year. The ability to speak about your concept with conviction and communicate your ideas is something I’m now able to do on a day to day basis. I think the show was the catalyst for this, as well as the support of a great team at tothepoint!

I’m looking forward to next year’s exhibition already…let’s hope Absolute Vodka are sponsoring it again!

Prudential Ride London 100 v.s Carl Ison

Only a few weeks ago ex TTPer Carl Ison took up the challenge of cycling in the Prudential Ride London 100 for The Lauren Page Trust, peddling in the name of a close friend who started the charity. True grit and determination got Carl through in the end, plus such a good cause at his back pushing him on. See some pics of Carl’s preparation for the ride here and if you get the chance, and have some spare cash (don’t laugh), the just giving page is still active and any amount, big or small, would be amazing, here is the link.

New Tate building

Unless you have been living in a cupboard under the stairs (looking at you Harry), then you would have found it hard not to notice the new wing being built onto the Tate Modern. This wing has finally opened, following a massive £260 million revamp including a 10-storey extension and 60% more gallery space.The expanded Tate Modern, designed by architects Herzog & de Meuron, is being hailed as the most important new cultural building in the UK since the British Library in 1998.

We have been lucky enough to be invited to the Better Bankside Summer Party that is being held at Switch House at the Tate Modern so will be able to experience the amazing 360º degree views of London from the tenth floor terrace. Not to mention the chance for a private view of the new collections; Living Cities and the Louise Bourgeois artist rooms.

Economist bug ice-cream

Yes you read that correctly. One more time bug Ice-cream. That’s all. Take a look at the link here. Oh and we tried it…not bad but maybe leave the bugs out next time.


There are some who choose to spend their Saturdays basking in the sun, sipping on beer and catching up with their friends. But there are some who choose to spend their Saturdays queuing up for brain-melting exhibitions, all for the sake of a really good selfie. Our newest recruit Diana is one of those people. And for that we ask that you don’t judge her (yet).

Yayoi Kusama’s limited exhibition is a fully immersive experience, making you feel as if you’ve stepped into a weird episode of Twilight Zone, but with brightly lit pumpkins and shiny chandeliers. The 87 year old Japanese artist has just finished showcasing her latest creations at the Victoria Miro gallery in Angel, with its main point of attraction featuring a room filled with mirrors and glowing pumpkins, also known as the ideal set up for the perfect selfie. Because as much as we love contemporary art, we have to be honest and admit that most of the people there were desperate to snap a picture in this bizarre room. More so, it was encouraged by the organisers themselves, but you have to be quick as they only allow people inside for 20 seconds!

Apart from the pumpkin room, there was the chandelier room, the light room and a series of other rooms featuring a variety of colourful paintings, textures and wire frame installations. And it’s important to not forget about the small pond next to the terrace, which featured giant metal balls floating from one end to the other.

So there you have it, a brain-melting, bizarre, yet wonderful experience which will inspire some of our new cutting edge interior projects (see some of our previous environments work here) and one can only hope Kusama comes back to amaze us again.