June roundup

Happy Birthday JPES Partners!

This month we were delighted to help our friends at JPES Partners celebrate their 10th birthday.

Photo taken by Yves Salmon

Established in 2009, JPES are a specialist communications consultancy that provide strategic marketing and public relations, primarily in the commercial property and investment management sectors. Having shared various clients with JPES over the years and also helping to support them with their branding and design needs, including the creation of the jpes website, we look forward to many more years of this successful partnership.

Promoting the EDIS Symposium – Inclusive Research and Experimental Design

We’ve recently been helping EDIS with various assets to promote their latest symposium to be held at the Francis Crick Institute in September.

EDIS is a group of organisations, working together to promote equality diversity and inclusion within the science and health sectors. Starting with some new social media templates, we are also in the process of creating a suite of graphics to support their next symposium, talking about inclusive research and experimental design.

This continues our work within the health and science sectors including clients such as The Francis Crick Institute, ABPI  and new client, the Lloyd’s Register Foundation. Watch this space.

Multi-use animated infographics

Following on from the very successful digital brand update we did last year (see our case study), we recently completed an update to one of the series of videos which reflects the new Voluntary Scheme on branded medicines in the UK.

See our latest video on the ABPI website


We are now working with ABPI on a second set of videos. The new series cover the scientific side of the pharmaceuticals industry, using both talking heads and animated infographics, as well as a patient case study.

Although we are following the same look and feel of the videos as we produced previously, this series requires a slightly different approach but still includes deciphering scientific information to be able to convert the content to be more engaging and easy to understand.

We will also be adapting the animated sections of the videos into animated gifs and infographics for use across social media, web and print – hence multi-use.

Discover more about what’s going on in Croydon this Summer

Now our web work for Croydon BID has gone live we’re tempted to join in with some of the summer fun they will be having down there, especially with their Street Live campaign and footie is on the big screen tonight. Good luck to the women’s England football team!

If you want to find out about their big screen for Wimbledon and other summer events and offers, take a look at the checkout croydon website

Visit check out croydon