Let’s get technical

As a branding agency we are always looking to differentiate our clients from their competition. Why/how are you different? What can you provide that others can’t?

In most instances an audience will initially experience an organisation’s brand through its website. Clever copywriting and engaging design are essential in any medium, however literature can add extra dimensions to the messaging through specialist finishes, like embossing, foil blocking and die cutting, as well as the material selection and paper engineering. Combining some of these processes on a well printed piece creates standout that will encourage someone to pick it up as opposed to the brochure next to it.

tech partners on press print

At tothepoint we have always utilised print and paper techniques to engage with the reader and encourage play through its physical tactile nature. This often means pushing print and paper usage outside its normal comfort zone and in some instances to its limits. This requires vigourous quality control measures across design, print and finishing. If any one of these processes fail the whole project fails.

tech partners on press print

One such piece of literature we have in production at the moment is for a science organisation called ‘The Technology Partnership’. How better to reflect their unique qualities of creative thinking and scientific ingenuity than through a brochure that does the same. Through the clever use of design, typography, paper folds, foreshortened pages, trace papers, die cutting and print techniques, we tell their story in an engaging and memorable way. The ambition for the piece is that when you pick it up, even before you read it, you are in no doubt that this is different, they are different.

When dealing with print of this complexity it’s important to have printers you know and trust. Equally important as the print is the work that takes place at the finishing house.

Complex folds, trace papers, die cutting, etc are all reliant on precision measurement and placement. It is vital to monitor all these aspects to ensure quality control otherwise the end result could fall well short of expectations. This is the role of the ‘machine minder’ and the very best print jobs have an excellent machine minder at their heart. We work in partnership with these gurus of print, often passing on press with them, to ensure any quirky design details come to life in all their glory.

tech partners on press print

The print piece in question is not so much a brochure as a finely tailored suit that reflects our client’s personality and aspirations. We’ll show the finished piece in our next E-news but if you want to find out more about our print experience and see examples then do get in touch.