August round up

Seabird Q2

As you may be aware Seabird Exploration are one of our long standing clients. Seabird is the market leader in seismic data and surveys. We have just finished our latest piece of work for them; Q2 2016 report. The report is in the style of the annual report. This has allowed us to once again delve into the deep library of images that we have amassed from different shots over the years!

A fantastic journey

On his recent holiday to Venice our creative director was struck by the beauty and craftsmanship of the Gondolas of Venice. An object that on the surface of it we all know and are familiar with but when seen in the flesh and on closer inspection are an eclectic mixture of craftsmanship, fantasy, design and menace that create something that is truly iconic and unique. These objects perfectly complement the fantastical nature and context of their surroundings (a floating renaissance city of hidden passageways and theatres of spectacle).

Contrast this with the design aesthetic of the last ten years which has arguably been driven by Dieter Rams ‘ten principles for good design’, brought to the fore by Jonathan Ive and the Apple factory where form follows function. The rational in this instance is more akin to the Classic American Cars of the fifties and sixties (fuelled by the era of space travel) which were driven by fantasy and firing the imagination. A word of warning however, all of this will be lost on an accompanying brood of small children, where the nearest Italian ice cream stall holds far more interest and is arguably equally as wonderful.


Smile, it’s the London Design Festival

For those of you who are into design like us then keep some space in your diary for the London Design Festival that runs from the 17th – 25th September across various locations. There are literally 100’s of events, projects and installations on view around the capital by some of the greatest thinkers, practitioners, retailers and educators from the design spectrum and from around the world. Find out more here.


Getting into internship

We don’t do too many internships here at tothepoint but after the last two weeks of having the daughter of a college friend here we may need to rethink. Olivia Harvey came to see what we do for a couple of days and has now been here for a couple of weeks. She hit the ground running and impressed us with her creative thinking and her After Effects skills whilst helping with a charity project, and this week she’s moved on to a corporate identity and some literature. The pace is probably a bit faster than Uni but she’s managed it in style with the helpful guidance of one of our star designers, Lizzie Unwin.

Olivia adds a bit of background info – looks like we may have to wait a while to get this talented young lady back here:

“I am going into my fourth year studying Graphic Design at the University of Edinburgh. This summer I wanted to make the most of my time off and visit different Design Agencies, to give me a clearer idea of which pathway I could potentially take after graduating. This has been extremely helpful and interesting as I have also experienced working in real, successful agencies and got involved in live briefs. When (if!) I graduate I would love to continue living in Edinburgh and hopefully get a 6 month internship in a Branding agency. After that I plan to travel around Australia and get work there too.”

We wish her luck with her degree and career – now back to work on that identity…


Ping and pong

Here at TTP we love a bit of competitive sports (some more than others). With these sunny days it has been the perfect opportunity to get out of the office and let off some steam on a ping pong ball. Our creative director Kevin and account manager Will have been locked in mortal combat for the past few weeks. There was only ever going to be one winner… we Will let you guess.



Merging sublime and ridiculous

Our BID Better Bankside has been keeping us in touch with all that’s going on in our area and looks like MERGE 2016 isn’t going to disappoint, but will it shock like some of the spectacles from 2015? This year you can experience the supernatural with creative duo Bompas & Parr. The festival is back from 24 September – 7 October with a headline installation at Hilton London Bankside’s swimming pool; the first time infrasound has been creatively used to give people a spectral visitation. We’ll let you know if we got goosebumps in our September enews! Find out more here.

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 14.17.05